A new blog for commentary and critique

Dear readers, I return after such a long time to notify you all of a change in structure of this blog. Having finished all the university activity, I can now focus on writing for real. The last two years have been, in hindsight, a good training and the perfect time to make my mind clear about all of this. I have now well-defined projects in my mind, and both time and energy to dedicate to them.

So, this blog will now only be used to post fiction and poetry, a sort of portfolio that will contain all the stuff that, by current standards, doesn’t need to be published. The culture commentary moves to Past and Future Fragments on Substack. I’m not using Substack with the intention to add a paywall at a certain point, it’s just that the platform frees me from my recurrent concern about aesthetics: since I can’t have the slightly older appearance I want on new blog editors, I will use Substack which is way more minimal.

Thanks for everything and see you there!


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