Retvrning to Post, Updates, No More Gynopolitcs, etc.

Back to post, at least for now.

Abandoning the blog, though temporarily, though for justifiable causes is not only a bit stupid and also quite the bet. I don’t make great numbers (fine by me) but such thing implies that I don’t necessarily get the kind of passionate attention that makes people wait for the return of someone big. I may lose readers and interest. Some of you are friends, so I don’t expect to be totally ignored, but I should be more constant nonetheless.

If I remember correctly, I’ve already stated that I tend to lose time and energies (and creativity, most of all) to write when an exam is approaching, may it be a post or a story. It’s the reality of universities, which, it seems, many suffer, at least in my parts. To my knowledge Italian universities require more effort and dedication than most Western educational institutions, so sometimes you’re just absorbed by your studying. This inconvenience should end by September in the best of cases.

To tell the truth, there’s another reason for my silence here, and for my almost total focus on shitposting on Twatter, if you’re following me there. As time passes, I’ve been through same change. One is the fact that I don’t want to write a certain kind of posts anymore. Mainly, I don’t want to chatter politics or culture tendencies I find bad. As the old farts and the whiny wine-moms of both political and cultural estabilishment keep refusing to accept that their time is soon to pass, and taking actions which testify complete inadequacy to their status, pretty much everyone has chosen his own side. Those who haven’t don’t know any real alternative, yet, and, for example, I won’t get them to read good books if I keep complaining about the other side. They abandoned those ships because they didn’t care, and there’s no reason to force them to look at the wreckage.

After I decided this, I noticed a vacuum in my mind. All the future post I had planned were rants. Luckily, I had understood before I could become the equivalent of some YouTube guys, but that also means I was left with nothing to talk about. That’s not a problem anymore.

I will soon make an exception to this new rule, but I hope I will be justified. The matter I won’t to discuss in this incoming post is really important and must be addressed.

That said, I thought to return with a brief general update on things. I didn’t spend the time playing videogames in the basement, and telling you how things have gone may help both of us understand which direction I want to take.

Dealing with the inner Renaissance man

I like many realms of art, and have a desire to put my hands on most of them. I look at them as different forms of storytelling, and storytelling is what I want to do in my life; it’s the very thing that sparks in me a sense of destiny and purpose(big words).

Each story’s got its own medium, that suits it rightly. Some of the stories I come up with require prose, others poetry, others comics, and so on. It follows that I should refine my (still poor) skills in as many different forms as I can, with the end goal of being able to tell a story with the best-suited means.

Doing many things at once can be exhausting or make you feel like you’re not doing enough in anything, but the truth is that it helps me maximize my time and efforts. When I’m writing, I put on it 1-2 hours at best but on the other hand I’m entirely focused and absorbed by that particular work, which is much better than writing for 4 hours while the mind wanders on different paths.


As of today, this year I’ve written about 22k words, a short story of 10k and half of a little book. The short story has yet to be revised (revision is the part I struggle with the most).

I think I’m getting increasingly better. The little book has already some precious moments of prose, compared to my ability. Dialogue has yet to improve, but that may be because I tend to write it as it comes to my mind with the intention of improving it later. A lot of my efforts in future drafts or revision will be directed at mastering pacing and plot tightness, especially between the main scenes. I’ve got a clear standard in my mind, and I just need to figure out how to get there.

The more time passes the more I’m unsatisfied with what I’ve done in the recent past. I’m made like this, and it’s normal. I can see the imperfections that don’t make my works good enough. Despite this, the story published here still gets some views and sometimes a Like. Maybe people see the rough diamond way more than I’ll ever do, and that’s consoling, to say the least.

Will you finally publish something? Will you post a story here like you did in the past?

Yes and yes. I counted on releasing a book at least in Q4 of 2021, but now I’m not that sure. It’s too far ahead to say, because the outcome depends on how much time I need to get an acceptable quality. My ideal is to be like a pulp author, but I’m not Chandler or Howard yet, so I need more time to get a decent product that is ready for editing. Publishing at least a single book this year is still my intention.

It’s also my intention to post another story here. My skills have improved since the time I wrote The Floating Islands, so it may be a good idea to post another. I have nothing yet, though.

Oh, I’ve been reminded that those who talk about writing don’t write at all. It makes me feel bad so I’ll try not to talk about my plans and work more on achieving them.


I’ve been practicing drawing for roughly a year. This is one of my best works so far:

“Not much, but it’s honest work”, as they say.

I’m very confident about the learning process. A year ago my drawings were ugly scribbles, now they look nicer. I’m looking forward to see what I’ll be able to draw in the future. I dream of making some comic and especially to release books with my own illustrations on them.


I’ve started to compose music in February, as I accepted the February Album Writing Month challenge. I’ve been playing guitar for some time, and have studied a bit of theory and history of music, so I had some familiarity with this stuff. I composed about 15 minutes of dungeon synth, and it seems decent. I just need the tools to properly produce this small collection of pieces and some time to add more stuff. I’ve written a synthwave song last week, too.

I noticed that making music lets me regain creativity after pauses due to exams, but I really like the whole process in general, so I’ll keep doing it.

No More Gynopolitcs

As I said I’ve kinda talked politics some time in the past and I don’t think it will happen again (unless it’s for jokes). Not that I’m disengaged or blackpilled for some motive or the other, but I’ve come to realize that it’s mostly gossip, and that political gossip has ruined people. From now on, unless it’s some really interesting political concept or book, or unless I intend to jest, I don’t think I will fill virtual space and posts with that kind of chatter. Current political discourse is suffocated by old perverts who sexually enjoy the sight of child-like women screaming for attention – but I’m less of a pervert and a healthier young man. I’ve got more important things to care about.

My tendency to constantly change things

I have a problem: I often want to change things. I constantly think about making another design change, but in the end I’m always torn between making the blog flashy and cool and making it readable and comfortable. I wish I had a good compromise in mind.

I’ve been thinking about changing pen name. I will probably have different names to use for different books/genres, but I’d like to know if it’s a good strategy first.

The blog’s name is going to get a more generic name. I feel I would be able to give a better feel to this blog and that way I can gain time thinking another pen name for my stories. I’m gonna reference airships OF COURSE. Jokes aside, I think it could give that impression of “we’re crossing the skies looking for unknown or forgotten lands and a better horizon”. Is it too pretentious?

That should be about everything I wanted to say here. I’m counting on you sticking around.

Thanks for reading! Until next time.

4 thoughts on “Retvrning to Post, Updates, No More Gynopolitcs, etc.

  1. Heh. You and I have a lot in common. I compose music, produce art, and love writing.

    I think being a Renaissance man is a good thing. Some folks love to get passive aggressive about it, like saying you’re a Jack of all trades, master of none. But the truth is, being a Renaissance man is where it’s at!

    You’ll notice that your music will improve. Your drawing will improve. And your writing will improve.

    And you’ll look at the people who scoffed at what you’re doing and you’ll now know that you do 3 things well. As for them, they don’t do anything well. That’s 3 to 0. So screw them.

    One hot tip – immerse yourself in it. Make a list of your top ten artists. Draw each one. Make a list of your top ten bands/musical influences. Learn a cover of each. Write a page or two stealing the writing style of each of your favorite writers.

    Ironically, the more you steal, the more you become an individual. Prince for instance stole from so many people that everyone thinks he’s like the most original man from the 80s. And that comedy Italian band that you mentioned. Holy smokes! They literally can play any style of music.

    I enjoyed your shitposting back when I was on Twitter. That’s why I followed you.

    Keep being you. Just become a better you every year.

    Good luck man!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re definitely of the same ilk 😉

      I do agree with you. Most of élite ancient education provided more than just competence on a single matter. They thought that a wider exploration and knowledge of things made a better man, and they were right. Doing different things expands your horizon and you can perceive the difference between a Renaissance man and the rest of people. What I deal with is more an occasional personal fear of not achieving good result anywhere, but it’s occasional as I said. When I get a better outcome than my former attempts, I know I am on the good path. It’s more of an internal thing, because usually people look at me with admiration when I tell them about my multiple interests. Those who mumble “Yes, but…” are usually people who are into one of those areas of art, and I can get why they’re so defensive. I wish for them as many good achievements as I do for myself. “Yes-buts” don’t hurt me.

      I’m already doing that. You may notice for example that I tried to draw something that reminds of Frazetta and it’s my own thing at the same time. In truth I tend to do this naturally: in my writing I started being influenced by Moorcock as soon as I started reading Elric. I thank you nonetheless for giving the advice.

      I just have to trust the process and even trust possible failures, or things that look like failures to me but are ok-ish to others.

      I have no intention to stop being me, don’t worry. Haha

      Thanks. Good luck to you too!


  2. I have a similar problem: I don’t find the time to do everything that I’m interested in, so I end up neglecting one art form in favor of another. For instance, while I’ve been drawing regularly, I haven’t written anything this year — heck, I have yet to edit the short story I wrote last year. Even worse, I was planning to draw a new manga one shot this year, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe I’ll start it and keep drawing at a slow but steady pace even if that continues until next year. Above all, I want to create a finished story before the end of this year, so a short novel may be the more feasible choice. But now I have to come up with a new story from scratch.

    I wonder if you find yourself with several projects in your head but you don’t know which one to commit to. The ones I’m most excited about are ones I can’t do on my own, so I come up with new and smaller projects, adding to the pile of “pre-production” projects…

    About the online gossip, I try my best to ignore it but Twitter never fails to show you the latest drama. Good call on focusing your energy on being creative. And frankly, I find guys who spend their lives reacting and commenting to be pathetic.

    I have yet to muster the courage to tackle music. One day…

    Good drawing, by the way. And the tagline is cool too.


    1. Usually, when I have no time to do everything, I just do whatever the Muse wants me to do. If I’m more enthuastic about one thing my work on it will be better, so there’s no point in doing something else.

      On social media users are the product, so there’s a constant attempt at selling you to someone (mainly journalistic profiles). It’s better to focus on what I can control and enjoy. Also, political chatter on the Internet is meaningless, it’s not going to change anything.

      Thank you very much, man.

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