Merry Christmas

As the end of the year draws near, it’s that time of the year again. So I thought it was appropriate to write a quick post, to wish you a merry Christmas and to give a quick account of what are my plans.

It’s mildly sorrowful to say that I didn’t manage to publish my book in time for the holidays, in spite of my hopes and dreams. I guess, being still new to the craft and currently unable to 100% focus on it, that is natural, but, being who I am, I’m thoroughly unsatisfied. Moreover, something happened that made the story require to be rewritten. After the initial rage, I’ve come to see it like an opportunity, since I’ve now got a clearer vision. We’ll see what will happen.

That is partly why I didn’t post new stuff here. With exams approaching and the book needing to be rewritten, I’m focusing on these two major goals, the latter being, in my head at least, my major vocation, and the second a thing I really just want to be ridden of.

Since it’s Christmas, and everyone must be happy and celebrate the coming of Jesus, and we want to have fun despite what the dogs working in the governments of half the world say, I don’t want to be lame and end the post like this. I think I can give an account of what my intentions are for the incoming year:

  • writing faster. I get new ideas all of the time, but I currently need too much time to get things done. I want to have a faster output;
  • getting my degree. That will give me more freedom and time;
  • finishing and releasing my first book;
  • vampire story before Halloween 2021;
  • collection of horror short stories;
  • since I want more Metroid and I’m quite pessimistic about Prime 4, I will try to sate my appetite by trying to write something in that spirit.

Will I manage to do everything? I don’t think so, I usually give me more goals than I can achieve so I can at least the most important of them. It is a great challenge, considering what I’ve done this year:

  • story for a 24-page comic book (long story, I helped a friend);
  • two short stories (one is here in the blog, the other has been unsuccessfully submitted);
  • a novella, which was never meant to be published. I wrote it to start getting my hands dirty.

It’s a lot of stuff, but I think that if I plan my year accordingly I can at least get most of that stuff done. We’ll see what the world will come up with to stop me.

Also, I really want to be able to write at least a post each week, but I don’t know if this is currently manageable. I may be absent here for January and part of February, I’m sorry. In any case, I’d like to give the blog a better appearance before I start posting again. I’ll see what I can do.

Last but not least, have a good time. People need genuine fun and celebration nowadays, starting from me and you.


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