The Insufferable Need to Put Useless Nudity

I have a particular episode stored in my memory.

I was having an online chat with some guys. One of them, knowing I was a Tolkien fan, asked me: “Do you like elves? I mean, sexually. I don’t think there’s one fantasy fan who wouldn’t fuck an elf lady.

I was appalled at the start. Why should my literary tastes have something to do with sex? The problem is that in a certain sense, he was right.

In recent years the fantasy genre seems to have added a “sexual” before “fantasy”. Game of Thrones is sure to blame, but I don’t think it is the only thing responsible for this idiocy.

A genre based on escapism is sure to attract weird people if its purpose is not clear. In an age in which fake politics goes after you even when you sit on your bed to read a fairy tale, the whole meaning and discussion about escapism fell apart and left way for many frustrated and isolated losers to enter and pollute the genre.

Deal with it, this are the people that make the great part of the Fantasy Fandom™. I don’t like the term fan or fandom, but for one time I’ll use it to designate all those who are passionate about the genre. Normal people who enjoy imaginary worlds have been cast out of this group (despite GoT’s big numbers, yes – losers filled up their ranks lately) and can’t find any space in this God-forsaken mansion where nihilistic nerds, degenerates and whores in search of customers consume and destroy everything they touch.

And rejoice, lads! This pigs have been working in Holywood and media for years! And now they’re so defiant that they dare touch the untouchable of fantay fiction:

These losers’ interest collides with Hollywood’s subversive agenda, so here you are. I want my favorite things to be left intact, I won’t watch that crap.

Read Tolkien’s books, read the Inklings. And tell Hollywood to fuck off.

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