Famous last words and some announcement

Apparently, there is no end to leaving a bad impression on you all. Once again, this week there’s no new episode of The Floating Islands. Nothing serious happened, just small family matters that required their big chunks of time. So, publication is postponed. You’ll read the final chapter next week. I apologize again.

Since I’m already writing this post, I’m giving you more news about the blog. When the current story will be finished, I’m going to take a vacation. A new story will begin in September, and I’ll use July and August to focus entirely on writing.

I have to do this because I need to focus on two other projects, one being a tale I intend to send to a publisher and the other a novelette to publish via Amazon.

I’m still going to write here, of course. I’ve already said that I want to post articles about other writers and stories. Summer activity on the blog will focus on that.

Thank you for reading, ladies and gentleman.

P.S.: The search for a pen name may be almost completed. I have gave up to the fact that I really want a ridiculous name, probably.

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