A Sort of Rant about Blackpills

I suppose we all know about recent events in America (and some of you certainly know more than me): looting, riots, arsons and devastation caused by radical leftists have annoyed several US cities. In the age of social media and sensationalist news, of course, this events have been transformed into a universal disaster and a cosmic cataclysm.

I won’t lie, I have fallen in this trap for a day. My heart beat like crazy, I felt like I was at war. Then I looked at the window and all I could see was just the beautiful peace of a little Sicilian valley. Why was I so invested in things happening in some far city? It wasn’t because I was worried for some American guys I follow on Twitter, I admit it. I was worried for them, but my heart raced for another reason.

By our nature, we’re eager to witness great events (at least I am), and so much that we tend to transform restricted facts into epic-scale stories. A certain group of people, in particular, seems to really want to see the end of their nation, civilization, culture, etc. “Blackpills”, in Internet’s cant.

Most of them are just teenagers who just discovered conservatism (or traditionalism), enamoured with the thought of being the last heir of their own culture, living in a decadent world standing on the edge of the abyss. It’s a romantic teen fantasy, born and thriving only in the Internet. The problem shows when blackpills are more than that.

In the last weeks those have manifested in all their fake fatalism: political commentators declaring the end of America from their desks and suits, fitness trainers urging people to become warriors in a last chance to survive in the coming wasteland (good marketing strategy, congrats), Internet personalities who claim to be conservatives repeating the same mantras over and over (“Drumpf duin’ nuthin'” usually) each time they found some free time between parenting their children and bench-pressing. They were on the loose, so overwhelming that even I (a quite optimistical person) gave heed to them. Until I went to the balcony, breathed fresh air and bathed in the sun of Southern Italy.

And here’s my point. Most of them are just an attempt at demoralizing the masses when they check their social media feed or watch TV.

Desperation sells. The more you feel it, the more you want it. You end up consuming only desperate and depressed media, which at the same time consumes your soul.

Desperation gets attention; it’s used by people without morals and a lot of cynicism to be visible on both traditional and social media.

Please, don’t surrender your soul to those hounds. Spend time outside, meet common and friendly people and read good stories under a tree or an umbrella (I suggest to check the authors of the PulpRev or this great anthology – well, you can read my story here on the blog, too, since you’re already here). Go to the beach, or visit the mountains.

It’s ok to worry, but never despair.

Enjoy your life, it’s precious.

And even if something bad is coming, you need to be ready to fight for something you love.

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