Don’t worry, I didn’t disappear

Maybe someone has noticed that I’ve been missing for some weeks. I’m sorry that I’ve been silent about the reason, but here I am, ready to start again and to explain myself.

So, the reason why I didn’t post anything for the past weeks is that I was entirely focused on studying for a really hard exam. Philology often requires all your mental energy.

I’m not without any fault, though. The story whose episodes have been released every week (yeah, yeah, except this last month, I know) is already written, but every episode is edited just before the release date. I initially thought I’d have been able to edit the episodes even while I was studying. I was wrong.

But now this terrible dragon has been slain, I got my good, nice mark and am ready to write again. Now I should be able to release other articles, too.

I apologize again, both for my disappearing and for not announcing it. I’ll learn from this mistake.

Thank you for reading.

P.S.: I was starting to think about a pen name. I fear my real name is too strange or difficult to read for an English-speaking public. You’ll know when I’ll find one that seems good.

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