First of all, welcome!

I don’t know if you’ve already read the About me section, in any case I’m going to expand what is written there.

I decided to create a blog because I wanted to transform my passion for the literature of entertainment in a profession; from being a simple reader I wanted to become an author and write my own stories of adventure. I thought that a blog was a great way to start gathering a public and to stay in contact with it, while at the same time gaining more experience as a writer.

At the moment, the activity on the blog is divided into two categories: the short stories and the articles. The first are going to be divided into episodes, totally free, purposely made to be enjoyed in few minutes (during a break, for example). At least an episode will be out every week, but my plans are to publish two episodes every week, each of them from a different series. I’m going to write mainly pulp stories, in particular, or at least I believe, of the fantasy genre, since that’s what I prefer to read.

My articles will be the occasion to talk about my writing (I will share my experiences and my thoughts about them -part of that contact with my readers which I was talking about before-), but also about works that inspire me as an author. I will talk about other indie books, too, because I think a lot of them deserves a wider audience and more visibility.

I hope I caught your interest.

See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Presentation

    1. I was thinking about a Japanese kind of fantasy when writing The Floating Islands, I’d say it’s more a mix of both.
      You’re making me think with this comment though hahaha

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